Florida school shooting: Trump ‘supportive’ of better gun background


America’s gun culture in 10

Teachers carrying a concealed gun could end attacks “very quickly”, he said. Mr Trump floated the proposal… read moree

US ties any North Korea talks
to nuclear arms

The United States says any dialogue with North Korea must have nuclear
disarmament as the end goal... read more

Michigan & The People

Florida school shooting: Trump ‘supportive’ of better gun background
US President Donald Trump supports efforts to improve background checks on gun ownership, the White House says... read more

Community News

Cancelled Israel Lorde gig sparks anti-boycott lawsuit
An Israeli advocacy group has launched a lawsuit
against two New Zealanders
... read more


$17.2 Million Settlement for
Breach Case Involving HIV Info

A mailing error can
have huge consequences.
Case in
point: Aetna has
agreed to a nearly.. read more

The Butter Margarine Controversy
Which is a healthier product butter or margarine? The
answer continues to be unsettled debate. Supermarkets
are loaded with a huge variety of both... read more








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